WARNING: California Air Resource Board issues heavy penalties for non-compliance!


California’s Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP) requires that diesel and bus fleet owners conduct annual smoke opacity inspections of their vehicles and repair those with excessive smoke emissions to ensure compliance.

All California-based fleets of two or more heavy-duty vehicles are must perform annual smoke opacity/smog inspections of their fleet. A fleet owner that neglects to perform the annual smoke opacity inspection on applicable vehicles is subject to a penalty of $500.00 per vehicle, per year.

Fleet owners are required to test and inspect vehicles and equipment that are powered by diesel engines if the unit is 4 years or older.

Non-California based fleets scheduled for travel in California as of January 2014 are required to have opacity certification if the unit is 4 years or older.

The Air Resources Board (ARB) randomly audits fleets, maintenance and inspection records and tests a representative sample of vehicles.

All vehicles that do not pass the test must be repaired and retested.

At Opacity Patrol, we archive all records for easy access and will gladly contact you for your annual testing. We not only provide bus and truck smog inspection but provide certification and stickers for all tested fleet vehicles and equipment.

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